Contingency Insurance

Active Underwriting's contingency insurance provides cover for all sporting contingency risks such as Prize Indemnity, Player Bonus, Adverse Weather, Cancellation/Abandonment, Non-appearance/Performance, and many more risks...

Cancellation & Abandonment

If an event (beyond the client's control) needs to be postponed, relocated or even cancelled, then we can provide protection against loss of expenses and commitment.

Ideal for Promoters, sponsors, tour organisers and exhibits.

Prize Indemnity

You can offer a luxury prize, safe in the knowledge that if someone gets lucky you are covered.

Prize indemnity has a wide range of applications such as golf 'hole in one', 'half court' basketball shots, football 'super kicks'.

Adverse Weather

From torrential downpour, drought, gale force winds or even a sudden rise/fall in temperature, if your event depends on weather, we can provide protection.

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