Accident & Health Insurance

Active has developed Products specifically for officials, participants and spectators involved in the Sports and Leisure Sectors.

Accidental Death and Capital Sums

Active's Accidental Death and Capital Sums are based around traditional Lloyd's wordings, providing excellent security. Continental Scales of benefits can be tailored to the requirements of the insured and additional benefits for Physiotherapy, Dental Care and Necessary Emergency Medical Treatment can be added where considered appropriate.

In certain circumstances Professional Disability can be provided in conjunction with other benefits if Professional Sportsmen form part of the Risk. Full Underwriting information is required.

Temporary Benefits

Temporary Disablement is also available in certain sectors to compensate loss of earnings or subscriptions. Benefit periods up to 2 Years with excess periods to suit the circumstances can be tailored to fit most sensible requirements.


Where a need exists cover can be provided for Travel Benefits overseas including Medical Expenses with Repatriation.

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